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Kristen Walker

Hey Mary! Wow, it’s amazing how socially dense people can be when it comes to giving feedback. And one day before your interview, too! I know your manager had good intentions and was trying to be helpful, but clearly her “tips” had the opposite effect. I’m sorry you had to listen to all that.

I’m not sure when your interview is today, but if you have time, it might help to review your “Brag Sheet” (from the Dream Job Bundle) to boost your confidence and remember all of the awesome things about YOU and what you’ve done. Plus it’s always helpful to do a written-out gremlin dialogue to soothe your fear before you go into something like an interview that naturally creates a bit of nervousness.

Also, remember that you don’t have to try to “beat” anyone else in this interview process. Trying to position yourself, even subconsciously, as better than the other candidates will just make you feel anxious and inauthentic. So I’d say maintain the same strategy you had before your manager came in and freaked you out because that’s going to reflect the REAL you. And authenticity is the MOST attractive quality you can demonstrate.

You’ve got this! Good luck, and let us know how the interview goes. 🙂