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I keep posting here but I love this resource. Today I have an interview internally with the company I work at for a position on the Learning and Development team (internal training). Over the past year, I have been hoping to get a position on this team if I were to stay with the company. The position is an instructional designer which is a bit of a step beyond my current position, but totally something my education has primed me for. I have all the basic skills necessary for the position.

And in an effort to “help” me in my interview my manager wanted to give me some “tips”. I really wish she hadn’t because I WAS feeling confident in my skills, abilities and what I brought to the position. She just fed my gremlin so much by telling me who I was “competing with” and what they brought to the table. And also bringing up why I probably didn’t get the last position because the girl who got it put in “2000%. All this a day before the interview. Saying I should “prepare”. I had felt prepared but now all I’m thinking about is where my short-comings are. Like how I don’t have many recent examples of video work I’ve done. (I have been working on some for my YouTube channel.)

/sigh/ I know the people on the training team. I’ve taken courses from the head of the department about setting smart goals for my career and how to achieve them. My goal was to get involved in training. I have been slowly developing training material for my replacement. Had I NOT known that one of my competition makes how-to videos as a hobby, or one of them helped with training in the past, I would have felt much more confident going in.

Spending time now trying to pep talk myself back up to where I was and believe I can get this position. (Part of that was pretending I’m the only applicant with the best qualifications. But now I’ve been given evidence that I’m not!)

On the plus side, the YouTube course has been very helpful and encouraging. And next week I’m on vacation. 🙂