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Rachel East

Hi Mary!

Sorry that I didn’t see this update until now! I’m glad you got feedback so that at least you now know what they were looking for. And I think taking on extra tidbits of work is a fine line to walk. If it really is “tidbits” (AKA it’s manageable, and not straining you), then I do think that it can be helpful to take on extra responsibilities, because it allows you to broaden your skills and gain more experience that you wouldn’t have otherwise had. But if it’s too much (especially considering you won’t be getting paid extra), then you’re absolutely allowed to decline!

I love that you’re going to explore making money on YouTube, as well as allowing yourself to take a vacation! (I also think it’s cool that you can make our own bathing suit–I wish I was that crafty!). I know it’s hard sometimes to focus on other things besides your work situation, but you’re doing a really good job of not letting it consume your whole life. I really think that the more resistance we can release around something (AKA, the more we can relax and look at other things that are going well in our life), the easier it is to resolve the situation. 🙂