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Thank you for those words. They’ve really been a help. I had the feedback loop and it was a bit insightful on their thoughts on the position vs what I was told by my friend on the team. It seems they wanted me to showcase more leadership and management qualities even though this wasn’t exactly a managing position. On the plus side, I now have relations with folks on that team and they offered to give me tidbits of work to try. Which to me translates as doing two jobs at one company with no pay raise. (What am I an intern?! LOL.) I’ll keep tabs on the team but still haven’t found the perfect fit for what I want to get paid and what I want to do.

There are probably other terms I’m not thinking of to search for. 🙂 I may need to sit and do a brainstorm session. But I also found a “free course” (probably an intro) to making money on YouTube about your passion. I figured it couldn’t hurt to learn how to take advantage of the algorithm and see if its a potential side thing I can do.

Also, I decided to take a week off in July to go to the beach. I haven’t since I moved to Texas 9 years ago. I also have a cute pattern to sew my own swimsuit with so I’m trying to combat my disappointment and continual, growing frustration with my current position.