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Hi again,

Reading your reply to Kelly was also helpful to me today. I haven’t had any luck with interviews lately. I have been told I interview well and I guess I just get my hopes up so much that it really hurts when it gets knocked down.

I interviewed well (or so I thought) for the internal position and felt based on my competition I had this in the bag. I got the disappointing news yesterday that they would not be going forward with me. It is extremely frustrating because I felt like I found a way out of my yucky situation on my team (which gets worse every week, but I can’t quit because I live paycheck to paycheck). It’s also triggering my depression more than I thought it would. My brain has fast-tracked to reminding me that I also haven’t had a date ever since I started working at this company and turned 30.

On a slight plus side, I will have a feedback loop with the interviewer so I can learn what I did well and “where I can grow”. Supposedly, they will hire more of this position soon, my friend on the team has got my back.

It’s probably more of a patience thing, but UGH. Starting back from square one. I always seem to end up at this square.
Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. Time heals all wounds and I’m sure looking back I’ll see it was all for the best.