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Kristen Walker

Hey Molly! Yep, you count as a “grad” now! 😉 Thanks for this update.

It’s no wonder it was a bummer to check out Richmond and realize that it didn’t feel right as a new home for you and your husband — especially since it sounds like you researched it and felt like it had real potential to be someplace you might like to call home. But you’re totally right that it’s WAY better to realize that now, instead of taking a job in Richmond and realizing too late that it’s not the place for you. So now you can be open to someplace that’s an even BETTER fit and that’ll be the Thriver-based home that you both are craving.

This is also great proof, like you said, that sometimes you have to experience something to know whether it’s right or not. You can do all of the researching and analyzing and pro/con lists you want, but at the end of the day, you can’t think yourself into what you want — you sometimes just have to give it a try and see how you feel. So I’m REALLY glad that you and Shaun gave yourself the opportunity to try it out.

And I’m happy to hear that you’ve been sharing some of the PPVE concepts with Shaun and that it’s inspiring both of you to try new things and step outside your comfort zone. That’s awesome to hear! I hope you’ll keep us updated as you continue to try new things and explore new potential places to live! The exploration process can be fun, if you choose to look at it that way. 😉