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I guess I’m technically a grad now? 🙂 Just wanted to throw an update out there, particularly for Rachel, since you were so helpful in my free coaching session… Shaun and I took the exploratory trip to Richmond last weekend to try to determine if it was a possibility for our “thriver-based” relocation. Unfortunately neither of us felt a 9 or 10 about it, which really bummed me out at first because from all the research I’d done I thought it would be a fit, and I didn’t have any other top contenders on the list yet. We were also kind of getting down on ourselves for not being the type of people that can just pick up and move anywhere and be totally content with it. (Though maybe people who relocate not by choice are not always as content as they seem? Hard to say. My family moved to Georgia from Minnesota when I was growing up because of a career opportunity for my dad, but we moved back a year later as it was a much harder adjustment than we anticipated.)

But after a few days to reflect, I realize I have to think about it as I do with the jobs that I didn’t feel excited about – it’s better to know than to get deep into an interview process somewhere, travel there, and have the realization the area’s not a fit but feel pressured to say yes because I need a new job. So now we continue the process of figuring out what we’re looking for, how to balance our priorities of climate, culture, and cost of living (we might not be able to have 100% of all 3), and determine where to check out next. And it also proves what you two always say, that you can’t think your way into or out of a situation…for all the research we do, we realize we can’t know how it’s going to feel until we’re there.

We also just enjoyed the trip for its own sake – we had beautiful weather, ate lots of delicious food, saw some pretty sights, and had time for conversations about our approach to life in general. While he hasn’t taken the PPVE I’ve been filling him in on the things I’ve learned along the way, and I think it’s going to help us make an effort to do things we want to do now, rather than saying, “someday we’ll do this,” or “when we have new jobs, we’ll be able to do that.” We both like our couch time but know that getting out and having experiences is more memorable and we’re going to be better about motivating ourselves (and each other) to say “why not?” more often. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂