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Hi again!
Still lingering about. I’ve got a phone interview on Friday with a tech company. The process has got me thinking about some of the trickiness with applying and interviewing while still working full time. The office where I work has terrible phone reception. I tend not to get messages or even hear my phone until later. And since I share my office space with others, it’s not the best place to TAKE a call. It stresses me out when they just call and I don’t get the call until after the work day when I usually check my phone for messages.

I’m also a little hazy about this particular company. The location is not ideal since it would require about a 50 minute commute in rush hour traffic. And I feel like they’ve been kind of aggressive. When asked for materials, I said I could get them something Monday morning. They demand that I get it in Sunday night. I’m hoping its just the recruiter who is aggressive and not the hiring manager I’m talking to on Friday. Because now I’m really uneasy and they seem desperate. :/ I’m trying to use the 9 or 10 decision factor at this point. This company is hovering at an 8 or 7. >_> But I still feel like I should give them a chance to plead their case as it were. 🙂

Also, I got my merit-based raise this year. Finally earning more than I did when I was tech support…but still way under market.