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Kristen Walker

Hi Mary!

I know the impatience can feel incredibly frustrating when you’re SO ready to leave your job, but it’s taking longer than you want. Hang in there! You’re doing all the right things.

As for potentially moving, I think it all boils down to your intention. Are you considering moving because you’re genuinely curious about living in a new place and exploring somewhere new? Or are you mostly thinking of looking for jobs outside of Austin because you’re afraid you won’t find what you want locally and/or it’s taking longer than expected? If it’s the latter, that tells me there are some GAILs showing up that are creating fear and doubt, and it’s worth questioning those GAILs. Because moving based on fear or lack is letting the GAILs win. But if you’re truly interested in possibly trying a new location, then yeah, maybe it’s worth seeing what’s available outside of Austin! Maybe it would help to do some journaling to see if you can get to the root of your intention?

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 🙂