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Kristen Walker

Mary — I’m glad you introduced the concept of Passion Profiles to your team, even if you got some pushback from your manager and others. Because I guarantee you there are at least a couple of people on your team who maybe didn’t speak up (probably because they were intimidated by your manager poo-pooing personality quizzes), but who really benefitted from better understanding their values and working style. Plus now YOU can better understand the people you’re working with because you know their Passion Profile, which helps you understand what drives them. Your job wasn’t to sell everyone on the idea of Passion Profiles — it was simply to provide a tool for people who were open to learning more about themselves.

And I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get the job you applied for, although it sounds like there might still be opportunities at that company in the coming year. So the door is not totally closed, which is good! No need to give up hope just yet.

Happy Thriving over this holiday break, Mary and Eryn! 🙂 And Happy Holidays to everyone!