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Well, I lead the meeting where everyone took the quiz. There may be some interested in the course. 😉 It didn’t go how I’d hoped as my manager (Sidehustler…I was going to peg him as a tribe member…it may be a secondary profile. He’s super loyal to the company.) felt that “personality quizzes” depend on where you’re at during a given time. Which was followed up by someone bringing up an article they ready about how personality tests are unhelpful. (sigh) I tried to steer it back with comments on how it helps me relate to others better because I know where the value lies. We have a mix of Sidehuslters, a few thrivers, a couple tribe members…and ONE firestarter. Which makes sense because he’s always talking about starting his own business and also doesn’t care if he loses this job because he can always get another.

I also heard back from the company I applied to and I learned I did not get the position. They are putting it on hold but do plan on expanding the documentation team during the year so I may work for them anyway. 🙂

For now, I’m going to enjoy a holiday break. I get the week of Christmas off so I’m going to nurse my thriver side and enjoy the heck out that week off. Then look forward to the vacation with my parents. ^^
Hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday.