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So job update: I did NOT get the job, or continue on with the interview process like I thought I would. I received a very long email yesterday that said: “We felt that you had really excellent experience and such an incredible passion for all that you do. At the same time, we didn’t quite feel that we were aligned on a few key areas and for the vision of this role, which made us pass for now. This was a really hard call to make, and I may have made the wrong choice,” among other things. They did a lot of explaining and I can’t say it helped me understand. I actually thought the reverse was kind of true – I don’t have a ton of experience but I was a good cultural fit.

That said, I felt relieved. I was really worried about the potential 12-hour days (on video!) and some cagey expectations and realized it probably wasn’t the right fit. I can’t say I feel further along in my career journey than I did months ago, at least in terms of what I want to do. I’m glad to have that experience over though. Job apps are so exhausting! I probably spent 10 hours on that one job, at least. I’m gonna take a break now from looking I think…

Thanks for all of your support!