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So my interview went really smoothly. It turns out it was just the first of four (!) interviews, and this one was focused on culture. I was uber-prepared – answering canned questions is not my favorite thing and I’m usually pretty stumped for experiential examples, so this was the best I’ve ever done before. It’s a very non-traditional company, and the questions reflected that (“How do you feel your life has gone so far?” “What book would you recommend to the entire team?”) I’ll find out if I made it to the next round on Monday. A similar job with this company recently had 2k applicants, for perspective.

I had a mini breakdown the night before the interview and felt like this job – any similar job, really – was just a distraction. I felt like I’d seen something shiny – a better version of my job with cooler people and higher pay and perks – and immediately went for it. I’m not sure it aligns with my CDFs, then again, as I’ve said, I haven’t found a job description that does. My main concern is that this job would demand a ton of my time (it says people work flexible hours that they choose themselves but I found a day in the life post of someone in this position working a 12-hour day, starting wayyyy too early; they also encourage/require? working with a video system on for “team building,” which would actually require getting ready in the morning and having to be at my desk more). My current job has some major downsides, and yet, I have a good amount of freedom and free time throughout the day. It’s gotten incredibly easy, and that may not be a good thing in some ways, but for the Thriver in me, it’s great (and also facilitates being able to do side jobs throughout the day). When I break it down though, I really want to be doing something with animals, plants, and beautiful things, not more computer time. Computer time is my enemy yet also my sustenance, currently. I think what was scary about realizing this isn’t ultimately what I want is that if this isn’t it, I don’t know what is.

So… I’ve devoted so much time and energy to this job application so far, it’s really crazy. I’m going to forget about it until Monday and then go from there. I’ve really been trying to just focus on the next step, which is difficult. If I keep interviewing, I’ll weigh my options then.

It feels really good just to have somewhere to write all of this! Thanks, all.

P.S. Rachel, I LOVE the idea that you “can’t mess up the right thing.” I’m going to try to remember that. I could also see how it could be used as a cop out though. Is there some sort of caveat, like you can’t mess up the right thing if you give it your all?