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Mary, I’ve had tests for every job I’ve ever applied to. I’m an editor and it seems to be standard. It would be like submitting a writing portfolio to me.

So… I have an interview tomorrow morning! It’s the same job I mentioned last week that I heard back about. The whole process has kindof turned me into a basket case. This is much what dating feels like for me too (which is why I stopped…) I’ve so far completed two rounds of questions by email, and since this is a 100% remote company, I have a video call tomorrow. I feel about as prepped for it as possible, and still kindof clueless. I don’t think it will be a standard, canned job interview (considering they still never asked for a resume or cover letter and they’re a little out there culturally), but I’m not entirely sure what to expect.

On a sidenote, I mentioned a Brene Brown book to my cousin last night and she said, “Oh, I facilitated a lecture with her last week!” and casually showed me a pic of them on stage together. Small world…

Thanks, everyone! Hope you’re all doing well.