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Rachel East

Hey Lolita!

You know, what’s interesting that you posted a comment, and then you sort of came back and answered your own question in your next comment! I think you’re realizing that it’s normal for fear to creep in to our everyday lives; but dimming that fear (and becoming less likely to act on that fear) has a LOT to do with how aligned we are with how we want feel; AKA getting really clear on our CDFs and making decisions from *that* place. Nothing is ever a 100% surefire solution to fear, because fear is a human characteristic and we wouldn’t WANT to get rid of it totally. But the clearer we are about how we’d rather feel, the easier it gets to not get paralyzed and take action that doesn’t actually reflect who we are.

And YES to everything you said — your fear is very likely creeping up *because* you’re changing, and it’s trying to keep a hold on you. So it’s totally natural! But you can move past it by acknowledging, “Ohh, OK. I’ve been here before. This is just my old fear rearing its head because I’m doing something new and different. Hello there. Thanks for sharing, but I’m fine. We’re fine!” 😉 It takes practice, but I think you’re doing great!