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Kristen Walker

Hey Eryn! Yep, you’re totally right — we designed this course to go from internal shifts to concrete external actions. So the deeper you get into Week 4 and the Dream Job Bundle, the more you’ll start seeing how the internal and external shifts come together. The more intangible shifts have to happen first, or else you won’t be open or clear about what to do next.

And don’t worry if you’ve fallen behind on the material. Many of our 1-on-1 clients take months to get through all of these steps, so going through it all in 5 weeks is a LOT, we know. Your commitment to working through it to the end is what matters, no how long it takes you to get there.

Also, congrats on making it to the 2nd round for the job you applied to!! That’s really awesome. And it was really astute of you to make the connection that imposter syndrome is the same thing as your gremlin. (Job searching/applying can be a huge trigger for the gremlin!) So keep workin’ those gremlin dialogues and sh*tty first drafts as those fears come up so they don’t end up holding you back. Good luck with this job, and keep us updated!