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Thanks Rachael. I was so focused on my birthday that I forgot that we have holidays. Silly me.

UGh, I hate to be a whiner but I feel like I could write a book about the experiences I’ve had the past few weeks. Some of it was my own doing. I have been a bit on the senoritis side and perhaps poking a bit too much fun about how glad I was that our manager was away at a conference. (It was a lovely break for me, but he still called me out over our chat channel on something which was irritating. And I have been more irritable of late.)

Today the team content lead sprang a one on one meeting on me. She wanted to suggest ways to improve my standing and try to act a bit more professional. (She kept claiming she needed to do the same.)

But the part that really got me was her suggestion that I consider my outward appearance. She had recently been making an effort to “dress better” and pointed out that the other women on our team also dress “fashionably”. She suggested that maybe I should consider doing the same if I wanted to achieve a better paying position. I was able to gracefully let that slide in the moment but honestly it cut deep. Self-image is one of the issues I bring up in therapy (relates back to my mom pressuring me to look a certain way). In general, you can wear whatever you like at work so long as you’re amply covered. I prefer wearing jeans and t-shirts. In fact, the casual, laid-back dress code is one of the reasons I like working here. Also, most of the men, even men in leadership positions, wear jeans and t-shirts. And there are certain times of the month where I wear very loose clothes because I need NO pressure on my abdomen. My clothes are clean and don’t have any offensive images or words on them.

Again, sorry to rant. I’m sure I’m not alone in the dress up department. /sigh/ When will I get that dream remote job where I wear pajamas? That’s the position I want to dress for. LOL. 🙂
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