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Rachel East

Happy belated birthday, Mary! And Lolita, you’re so sweet for checking in on Mary and asking how her birthday was!

Mary — I wouldn’t be too concerned that you haven’t heard back from anyone yet. Given that Thanksgiving is coming up, people are often slower to do interviews and make hiring decisions in November/December. I’m also thinking of a client recently who got a job but didn’t hear anything for like, 6 weeks!

Lolita — I love that you’ve become aware of the fact that you’ve got to stay tuned in and consistent to having those conversations with your gremlin and focusing on your self-awareness, or else you find yourself slipping into old habits. That’s really normal! It takes practice and consistency to get to the point where this stuff becomes more second-nature. You’ll get there! Giving yourself a daily habit of checking in is helpful–it could be meditation, journaling, a gratitude practice, keeping a log of good things that happened that day, or anything. Whatever you do to reach that higher-frequency place on a daily basis will help a LOT in keeping your momentum going. 🙂