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Hey everyone,

I’m really sad the PPVE is officially over, but I still love to hear about everyone’s progress! It’s so inspiring when I’m feeling hopeless. I hope I can keep my momentum up and “schedule” weekly time to focus on research, etc. Also, I’ve started on the reading list with Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, and the Desire Map (and I got the 2018 planner!). I’ve been loving Brene Brown especially. She really hits the nail on the head!

Anyways, a quick little update:
I have been doing quick 10-minute job searches using my very unspecific verbs/phrases without much luck so far. It’s hard not to feel discouraged when you’re really wanting to change situations yesterday, but I’m trying my best just to “observe” and be patient. One “opening” I have thought of lately is something involving travel. I love travelling as a hobby and I could happily spend hours researching a destination and the best places to go. I am also super detail-oriented and love to put together schedules and itineraries! I seriously put together this huge itinerary with all the vital info for a trip my boyfriend and I are taking in two weeks (Belize!!). It also seems like something I could easily do from HOME or with flexible hours, which is something I really, really want! Since learning that I’m a Thriver, I’ve struggled with the idea of completely detaching my passions from my work; I don’t want to do a soul-sucking job that is menial and boring (like admin) just to pay the bills (entire reason I signed up for the PPVE!). I want to do something that I am interested in and that I’m good at and is not draining, but also leaves time for my life. This seems like a good combo of something that interests me or I would find engaging, but is also actually useful. I do have a lot of GAILs are coming up here, but I’m trying to push through: Do people even use travel agents anymore? Do I really need to spend money on more education, or is that a waste? Would anyone even hire me without direct experience? Would I be able to make money as an employee, because I don’t want to own my own business (learned that the hard way – twice)? Anyways, I’m going to keep researching and maybe I should see if I could do an informational interview with someone.

That’s all for now! Best of luck to EVERYONE!!! And Kristen & Rachel & Amy, THANK YOU SO MUCH! This experience has been very eye opening in so many ways. It was way different than I was expecting and in all the best ways! I have learned a lot about myself and think I will continue the learning process as I explore the reading list. So much great food for thought! 