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So I just got off the phone with a recruiter about a job position that they sought me for. And the more I learned about the position the more excited I became. (Especially when I heard the ballpark salary. Possibly 70k! I’ve never had a job that made more than 42K!) It’s a small company, which I like, I’d have SO MUCH autonomy and currently, they don’t have a physical office here in Austin, so it’ll be remote work. (Just what I was looking for.)

I’m really hoping that I get another round of interviews. The position would be me basically building their knowledge base from the ground up, which is a bit scary.

The GAILs are starting to creep in now about whether or not I CAN build something from the ground up and decide what the success measurements should be. Also, although the company has been around since like 2000, it’s still so small. Only 26 people. Stupid Gremlin is thinking “this company won’t succeed”, because they only just started selling the product. >_> And you know some of their clients are like the BBC, Boeing, you know…small time players. 😛

So I’m scared-cited. Thank goodness I have therapy tomorrow because my anxious energy is building. Also…it’s my birthday this weekend. Yay.